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Apple’s January 2010 Event Dissapointment

Everyone is slightly disappointed about the today‚Äôs Apple Event, although, the new Apple tablet confirmed at the conference as the iPad is a work of art, but it’s still a bit disappointing that all of this hype was for one gadget.

We would have loved to hear something about the all new iPhone (4G) or something about its 4.0 operating system, which everyone was speculating about, but nothing.

All this hype for one device. Yes this one device is definitely something we will get but come on Steve Jobs we want an all new iPhone. Maybe one will be announced a little later in the year, and what about Verizon getting their mitts on the iPhone train, or indeed mentioning something about the iPhone AT&T exclusivity (which I was really looking forward to).

We did not even hear anything about the OS 4.0, this this gives us a hint that Apple will hold another event soon, we might be mistaken but come on, they have to reveal an all new iPhone like they have the last few years. Apple has not missed a year since the iPhone 2G model.

We will keep you posted, if we hear any more about the above we will let you know as soon as possible. Please comment below