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ipad 2 jailbreak leak

iPad 2, iOS 4.3 PDF Jailbreak [DOWNLOAD] (iPad_4.3_8f191.PDF)

It seems this jailbreak has been rendered useless. Whoever was hosting the jailbreak files (Saurik?) has denied access to them. Trying to jailbreak your device using this method will most likely result in an HTTP 403 error.

The original PDF (jailbreak file) was previously hosted at www.ipad2jailbreakpdf.weebly.com, however, it has since been removed. For those of you still wanting to unofficially jailbreak your iPad 2 on iOS 4.3, download the PDF below (open it). This is the same PDF that was originally hosted. It is recommended to wait until the official jailbreak is released.


Apple’s Jan. 27, 2010 Event Info Leaked?

Apparently, Ryan from UniqueApps has released information (from an unknown source) stating the releases that will be announced tomorrow at Apple’s January 2010 event. Here are the supposed announcements:

  1. New iLife and iWork ‘10
  2. New MacBook Air
  3. iPod Touch with video camera
  4. iPhone open to other carriers
  5. Apple Tablet

Let’s hope Ryan’s sources are correct (I’m hoping on the iPhone being open to new carriers)… Here’s his video that he posted on YouTube: