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[EDIT] Down for Maintenance

down_for_maintenance[EDIT] I am terribly sorry to announce that unfortunately our site renovation is taking longer than expected. Regretably, we will most likely not be able to start adding content back to TechGeec.com until the holiday season. For instant news, be sure to follow us on Twitter @iPT2gGeec.

Hey guys, sorry for the bad news, but for roughly a month or so (possibly a little longer) TechGeec.com will not be updated. This is because we need to perform a bit of under the hood maintenance. Now don’t get too sad, we will still post reviews of products. It’s just the news and updates that will not be posted. That also goes for our YouTube videos. Only reviews will be posted for roughly one month. Make sure to check back here, though, because we still have about four reviews that still need to be done. We will also be having a giveaway which goes hand in hand with a review.

Thanks for understanding,

Admin/Founder of TechGeec