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Rivet MicroSleeve for MacBook Pro 15″/MacBook 13″

I am very pleased to give you TechGeec.com’s first MacBook Pro accessory review. Rivet was kind enough to send us out the MicroSleeve ($21.90) available for the MacBook Pro 15″ and MacBook 13″. To get the ball rolling, I’d first like to mention that this accessory is a sleeve (not a case) and so it’s not meant to protect the computer against major bumps, drops, and falls. What it will protect it against is dust, normal, everyday bumps, as well as gunk or fingerprints that may get on it while it’s being carried or moved.

The MicroSleeve is tailored from “exclusive” strong and soft micro fiber (similar to the cleaning cloths meant for computer screens, eye glasses, etc.). Because of this fabric, as you’re constantly sliding your MacBook in and out of the sleeve, it will be helping to remove some of the fingerprints or smudges that might be on the exterior casing of the Mac. Due to the softness of the micro fiber, it will also leave your computer scratch-free when sliding it in and out frequently.

The fabric is also incredibly thin leaving it available to fit in any backpack, briefcase, or bag that the MacBook would normally fit in by itself. Also, the MiroSleeve has a pretty tight fit on the MacBook so the shape of the computer will also show through the sleeve making it look even better than having a few loose corners like you might have on other sleeves.

The only flaw that I have found with the MicroSleeve is that on one of the sides, the fabric is cut about ¼ of a centimeter short so some of the Mac is exposed. Of course, this flaw is probably just on the particular sleeve that we happened to receive. For the most part, this is a magnificent sleeve for the MacBook and MacBook Pro and the gray color that it comes in will do a great job at suiting any lifestyle. You can find more information on Rivet’s MicroSleeve at RivetNow.com and stay tuned for our upcoming review on Rivet’s Vertical Sleeve.

A Note From the Editors of TechGeec: Though all products and services reviewed by TechGeec are “final,” many companies now make changes to their offerings after publication of our reviews, which may or may not be reflected above.