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Core Cases Review + Giveaway

Core Cases

Core Cases

I was given the opportunity to review Core Cases’ Aluminum Slider case for the iPod Touch 2G. Core Cases does make this case for other Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod  Classic, as well as the iPod Nano (4th generation). Core Cases does, however, make another type of aluminum case for the iPod Shuffle. There is no doubt that all of their cases will protect whatever device you may be using.

The Aluminum Slider case for the iPod Touch 2G is a great case… one of the best in fact in terms of protection. It does fall a bit short, though, functionality wise. Because the case is made from 100% brushed anodized aluminum, it can withstand almost anything that get’s in it’s way. The inside of the case is fully lined with EVA foam to add a snug fit along with some shock protection from unexpected drops. The exterior holds up fantastically against scratches and dents while the interior keeps your device from getting any type of scratches. As you can see in the image to the right, the case has cutouts for the volume rockers on the left, one for the power/sleep button on the top, another one to reveal the WiFi antenna on the back of the case in the upper left corner, as well as one long cutout on the bottom to expose your 30-pin dock connector along with the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. There is also a small, curved cutout on the bottom, front face of the case to better display the home button.

I have found that due the curved shaped of the iPod Touch 2G, the case did not form to the device as well as I would have liked. Of course this is understandable considering the fact that it is hard to shape solid aluminum around a curved piece of technology. Because of this, at times it can be hard to access the volume rockers as well as the power/sleep button. From personal experience, this was much better on the first generation iPod Touch. The front section of the case does cover some of the front of the device as seen in the pictures above. Because of this, if the device is dropped face down on a flat surface, the screen will not be affected unless of course it happens to fall on a corner or elevated rock, as is with all cases. The 30-pin charging cord along with the 3.5 millimeter headphone input fit in to their designated inputs without flaw thanks to the bottom cutout. There is also two very small cutouts on the bottom right-hand corner so that a lanyard/string may be attached.

The case is applied to the device by simply placing the back half of the case onto the back side of the device. Once that is done, the front half of the case can easily slide onto the front part of the device. This is better explained and demonstrated in the video review below. The case features one small metal “bump” on the bottom of both sides of the back half so that the front half of the case can stay securely fastened. I have found a minor flaw with this, though, where if the bottom of the case is not resting on any part of your hand, the bottom will slip out slightly if too much pressure is applied while pressing the power/sleep button, again, featured in the video review below. I also noticed this flaw in the first generation iPod Touch model.

Overall, for being made from aluminum, the case will protect the device indefinitely along with providing for a nice design. The case is priced at $24.95 $14.95 (you save $10) and comes in brushed silver, brushed black, or deep purple. For the price being relatively low and the amount of protection you get from this case, I would recommend this case to anyone who primarily is concerned with protection  over functionality. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this case or Core Cases please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at contact@techgeec.com.


It is extremely simple to be entered into the giveaway for a Core Cases Aluminum Slider case in deep purple. Here are the rules:
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The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on August 31, 2009. Comments posted on this web page will not be eligible.