David first realized his passion for technology when he first jailbroke his iPod touch 1G (1.1.4). It was then that David realized how amazing technology truly is. He started his YouTube channel, iPT2gGeec, on February 11, 2009. It started it because he wanted to showcase his knowledge about the iPod touch and wanted people to know what he knew. After only three months of contributing to the YouTube community, iFrogz was the first company to send one of their products to him for review, free of charge. After that, David not only did technology tutorials, but also started doing product reviews (which have improved tremendously since the first one) and David now uploads, on average, one video every five days (not too shabby). A little more than a year ago, David created his very own website, TechGeec, which (so far) has cost him about $200 (domain, registration, hosting fees, etc.) but was well worth it. David now is fortunate enough to own an HP Pavilion dv2000 (Special Edition), a 15″ MacBook Pro, a customized HP Pavilion Elite HPE-300z gaming computer, an iPod touch along with an iPad. David will be entering college in about one year and he plans to make his career in the game development industry (working for Jagex would be a dream come true for him). Feel free to email David any questions, comments, or concerns at contact@techgeec.com or if you have a business related inquiry, email him at biz@techgeec.com and follow him and TechGeec on Twitter, @TechGeec.

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