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ipad 2 jailbreak leak

iPad 2, iOS 4.3 PDF Jailbreak [DOWNLOAD] (iPad_4.3_8f191.PDF)

It seems this jailbreak has been rendered useless. Whoever was hosting the jailbreak files (Saurik?) has denied access to them. Trying to jailbreak your device using this method will most likely result in an HTTP 403 error.

The original PDF (jailbreak file) was previously hosted at www.ipad2jailbreakpdf.weebly.com, however, it has since been removed. For those of you still wanting to unofficially jailbreak your iPad 2 on iOS 4.3, download the PDF below (open it). This is the same PDF that was originally hosted. It is recommended to wait until the official jailbreak is released.


iBooks Folders Coming Soon

Recently some people I believe at 9to5Mac we getting curious and emailed Steve Jobs and they basically said, “We love using iBooks to house all of our PDF’s and we thought it would be amazing to have the PDF’s in folders to stay organized.” and Steve replied “coming.”

Well now 9to5Mac reports the following:

“From looking at these Apple documents it appears that collections will be a button you tap on the iBooks toolbar that brings up a list of all your collections but it also appears there will be ‘collections’ actually sitting on your bookshelf.

Also, you will now be able to take PDF’s you have stored in iBooks and e-mail them off to whomever you would like. Printing PDF’s via AirPrint will also come in this update which should be handy for many users. Apple will also be very clear to say that the printing and e-mailing of actual books is not happening.”

So basically this means that Apple wouldn’t have to release a software update to have folders in iBooks. Since iBooks is an app in the App Store all we would need is just a small app update.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Google Docs Editing Comes to iOS

Back in September Google claimed that they will be allowing iOS editing on Google Docs. Well they’ve followed through to this claim and released it!

As an avid Google Docs user I find myself wanting to edit on my iPad since I very rarely use my computer after I got my iPad. And until now you never were available to do that!

This is very exciting to Google Docs users….leave me what you think in the comments!

beatles on itunes

The Beatles are Now Available on iTunes

Well, this is the “big” announcement that we were waiting for. On Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Apple announced that The Beatles are now on iTunes. You can download your favorite songs from all 13 of The Beatles’ original studio albums or download the complete box set HERE.

Unfortunately, iOS 4.2 has not yet been released and most likely won’t until around the 24th of November. Of course, this does come as a disappointment to many of us but to those who love The Beatles and downloading music via iTunes, I suppose it’s a joyous day for them. Stay tuned to TechGeec.com for all of your most needed updates.

Boxcar Gets Updated

Remember that app that we all used that let you push all of your @Reply’s and DM’s from Twitter? Well if you do or don’t they released a major update it.

The features in the update is:

New Icons
Retnia Display Support
Centeralized (Unified) Inbox
More Alerts
Reply and Re-Tweet from the App its Self
Bug Fixes
Support for Google Buzz, App Recommendations, ect.

Go and download this awesome app.

This app is also free as well!

Apple Released iTunes 10.1

Apple released today iTunes 10.1. This introduces AirPlay and iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. (NOTE: iOS 4.2 is not yet out, there is just support for it.)

With iTunes 10.1, you can wirelessly stream videos from iTunes on your computer to Apple TV. This also provides important stability and performance improvements.

I just need iOS 4.2 and then my life is complete!

ios 4

Apple Releases iOS 4.2 GM (New Features)

Quote (via iEnlive):

Today, Apple finally released the Gold Master (ship to end users) version of iOS 4.2 to developers and have begun soliciting apps built for it, forshadowing a close date of releasing the final update early this month. Apple already has shown us iOS 4.2 for both iPhone and iPad back at their September event, which also had other announcements on 4.1.

Apple posted a message Monday inquirinig that developers should prepare their applications for iOS 4.2, and this sparks interest because of Apple notifiying to get ready for 4,2, as of submitting updates for iOS 4.1 (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).

With the liberation of iOS 4.2, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch will be receiving some great updates which Apple users of all kinds will enjoy. We have no word as to what changes or new features have been implemented into iOS 4.2 – hit us up if you find out after your quick experience.

Also of high importance, iOS 4.2 will also require iTunes 10.1 installed – the beta has been available for quite a bit now (for those wondering), and can be downloaded via the Developer Center on Apple’s side.

UPDATE: New features have been revealed and found in the new version of iOS (4.2)

-new AirPlay icon
-Multitasking bar [now with advanced brightness and volume controls]
-new Mobile Me login interface [allows you to log into MobileMe account settings using an Apple ID + offering a link to create a new/free Apple ID within the window]

PayPal Adds New Check Capture Feature to it’s iPhone App

PayPal just recently updated their iPhone application (PayPal) with the new ability to take pictures of checks and then the app will automatically deposit them directly to your PayPal account.

Most people use PayPal on regular basis and this is a great addition to the PayPal system. Of course the PayPal app for iPhone (iPod or iPad) is totally free so you can download it from App Store or iTunes Store.

Google Goggles Available for iPhone

Back in December Google Goggles was released for Android T-Mobile smartphones. This allowed users to search in Google Maps using a picture they took. It highlights recognized objects and then all you have to do is click on it to find out more information. Google announced today that Goggles is available for the iPhone.

Quote (via SearchEngineCompany):

Google Mobile’s blog does warn that since “computer vision” is difficult that it’s still a Labs product and that they will continue to work on it to make it work better. Google Mobile App is in the Apple App Store and users need only downloaded the updated version on their iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 devices. Devices must be running iOS 4 or above and Goggles is only enabled for English-speaking users.

You can download it HERE.

TuneAid v3.6 Update [UPDATED]

DigiDNA recently updated TuneAid to version 3.6 which adds support for the iPod nano 6G, minor bug fixes, as well as fixing some stability issues. TuneAid is a software that allows the user to easily transfer music from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad straight into iTunes. You can download it HERE for $17.43. For 30% off, simply download TuneAid from http://www.digidna.net/techgeec

About TuneAid:

TuneAid v3.6 Update: