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revo uninstaller

Completely Uninstall Programs on Windows

Revo Uninstaller, developed by VS Revo Group, is a tool that allows you to completely uninstall a program from Windows. Often when uninstalling programs through the typical uninstaller, many registry files and directories are left behind. Over time these left over and useless files bog down your computer. By using a tool like Revo Uninstaller, it will uninstall the program like normal and then scan the computer for any additional files that were not removed. It allows you to select which files to keep and which to delete.

You can purchase the full version of Revo Uninstaller but I recommend just downloading the free version. It will still scan for leftovers after the standard uninstall, it includes eight additional cleaning tools, and free tech support is also included. There’s some nice features that come packed with the Pro version but nothing that I feel is worth the $20 – $40 price tag.

You can download Revo Uninstaller by clicking HERE.

display recorder

Display Recorder – Record iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Screen in HD with Audio

Display Recorder, developed by Ryan Petrich and available for $4.99 from the Cydia Store, allows you to record your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad’s display. This app is terrific if you want to record your device’s display for a YouTube video, send a video of your recorded display to a friend, or record a video and download it to your computer so that you can edit it, such as what we use it for.

Display Recorder records directly to H.264 or MJPG/AVI for amazing HD quality, optionally records microphone audio, features on-device YouTube uploading, adjustable framerate and quality settings, hardware accelerated video encoding (meaning new devices will encode recordings faster than older devices), and includes a web site to manage your recordings. Simply enter the web server address (in the format of http://IPaddress:port) that’s displayed at the bottom of the app into your web browser.

Steps (once your iPhone is jailbroken):
1. Open Cydia
2. Search for “Display Recorder”
3. Download the app.
4. Congratulations! Display Recorder should now be installed on your device.

What will you do with your screen recordings? If you upload them to YouTube, send us the link!

boxee box release 2

Boxee Box Has Been Released – Buy Yours Now

For those who have never heard of the computer software, Boxee, it’s a free program that brings all of your favorite shows that are available online all to one place where you can manage what shows you want to watch now, watch later, or never watch at all. It takes the time you spend searching for your favorite TV shows online out of the equation and it does the work for you. You tell it what you watch, it finds it for you (so long as the TV show has episodes online).

Boxee just recently (November 10, 2010) released what I feel to be the missing link in the “TV box” line. In this day and age when the internet is at the center of almost all of our lives and when almost everything is available online, not one company has yet to release a product that allows the consumer to watch TV shows that are online on their TVs – until now.

The Boxee Box by D-Link is a product that will most likely cause many TV service providers to lose business. If all of the shows that you watch on your TV are available online, then there is absolutely no need for you to spend the money for cable or satellite when you can use Boxee for free. The Boxee Box essentially takes everything from their computer application to your TV, all through a small “box”.

Many might ask themselves, “I’m not going to cancel my service with my cable/satellite provider because I still want to watch live TV and I have a DVR to record all my shows so why would I need a Boxee Box?” That’s a fantastic and extremely easy question to answer. I recently switched from Dish Network to DirecTV and while all of my favorite shows recorded onto the Dish Network DVR, there was no way for

me to transfer those episodes to a computer or to the new DirecTV DVR. I didn’t have the time to watch my recorded shows which resulted in me missing a whole week worth of television shows. Some shows have story lines which carry over to the following week’s episode and I didn’t want to be lost when that time came around. Luckily all of the TV shows I watch are available online. So instead of endlessly searching on the web for the episodes I missed, I went onto Boxee and all of the episodes were right there waiting for me in my queue.

But how does the Boxee Box compare to other TV “boxes” such as the new Apple TV, Google TV, or Roku? You’ll have to wait for our review of the Boxee Box coming in December.

You can pick up your own Boxee Box at Amazon.com for a list price of $229.99. As of November 14, however, Amazon is offering a 13% discount making the price $199.99. If you use Boxee of you already have a Boxee Box, let us know what you think about it my leaving us a comment below this article.

Review: Inspire Pro

Inspire Pro (iPad Version) is very well designed and well thought out. You may have also seen it on the top app charts on Apple’s iOS App Store.

Like I said this app is very well designed and well thought out. This app let’s even the worst drawers (like me!) make master pieces.

It gives you various options to chose your brush size, effects, colors, ect. There is a very wide range of all of those making even the most picky drawer be happy.

I know Apple doesn’t allow it but it actually seems like the harder you push your finger on the screen the darker then paint is and vise versa.

Let me know what you think about this app. What you like and what you don’t like.

This app is currently available in the AppStore for $0.99 but the price is just an introductory price and will normally be $7.99 I believe. So get it A.S.A.P.


Pulse Mini Giveaway

Thanks to the guys at Pulse for giving me three promo codes for their iPhone app, Pluse Mini. To enter please follow me on Twitter.com/connerowen or @connerowen and then you are automatically entered. I will put all of my followers into random.org and the top three people will get the promo codes DM’ed to them on Twitter.

We are also giving away codes for their iPad version as well, please look here to see how to enter the iPad contest.


Pluse Reader Review

I’m going to flat out say it…I Love…David!!! (Just kidding David is our system admin) but really I..Love…Pulse!! It is all around wonderful and amazing. Most people (and myself thought of Pulse as just another rss reader but it’s not) Pulse lets you add websites so there articles are right at your finger tips. It’s easier than rss readers because you don’t have to go searching for the websites individual rss link. I tried to count, I think you can have three pages of websites with 12 websites on each page. It app is very visual as well, each website has its own section and the stories are displayed under each section and you can do you normal iOS moments to scroll let and right through the articles from each website.

All in all this app is very visual and well designed.

There are no other apps that come close to Pulse, it is wonderful!

If you want a copy for your self we are giving away two iPad codes for this app and three iPhone codes for this app as well. See TechGeec.com for more info and how to enter.


Emerald Observatory Giveaway and Review


The great people at Emerald Sequoia were nice enough to send over three promo codes to giveaway their App Emerald Observatory for you guys. To enter it is just like most of my giveaways, just follow me on Twitter @connerowen or Twitter.com/connerowen and you are automatically entered. At any time I will decide to end the giveaway and go to random.org and put all of my followers in the engine and the top three people will get the codes. It’s that easy!


This app is all out stunning.

When you first launch it you get your local time in the middle, Then off to the left you have the current position of the moon, the suns altitude, and the suns azimuth clock as well. Then off to the right you have a darkness map, the equation of time clock, and a year clock. In the middle you have UTC time, solar time, and solar time as well. You also have a horoscope part (which I don’t know how to use) (according to them in an email I got recently after the post was up: the horoscopes have nothing to do with astrology; those are just pretty markers for the hours; they’re only very approximately related to the relative positions of the Earth and Sun.  You can also go back into the past by entering Set mode and tapping the units on the left.  The other inner sundial shows sidereal time, which is useful to astronomers (and entirely different from solar time) and clock that tells you how the planets are positioned. There is also a built in alarm clock and you are also able to go into the future to see everything I told you about but further in time.

This app is available in iTunes for $0.99

Google Goggles Available for iPhone

Back in December Google Goggles was released for Android T-Mobile smartphones. This allowed users to search in Google Maps using a picture they took. It highlights recognized objects and then all you have to do is click on it to find out more information. Google announced today that Goggles is available for the iPhone.

Quote (via SearchEngineCompany):

Google Mobile’s blog does warn that since “computer vision” is difficult that it’s still a Labs product and that they will continue to work on it to make it work better. Google Mobile App is in the Apple App Store and users need only downloaded the updated version on their iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 devices. Devices must be running iOS 4 or above and Goggles is only enabled for English-speaking users.

You can download it HERE.

New and First Google Voice App is Out!

A third-party Google Voice app has just hit the App Store. GV Connect by Andreas Amann is a native app that is able to interact directly with Google Voice accounts and features.

GV Connect features:

• Place calls using your Google Voice number rather than your mobile number – enter number directly, select a contact from your device’s contacts, or call back any number in your history.
• Send and receive text messages (SMS) from your Google Voice number.
• Listen to voicemails and recorded conversations right on your device (allowing you to pause, rewind, or fast forward to any point within the message) – voicemails will also show the transcription of the message when available.
• Mark messages as starred, attach notes to conversations, block/unblock senders, or delete conversations.
• Easily search in your history by contact, message, or note.
• Messages are stored on your device for offline access.
• Composing notes and text messages can be done in landscape mode.
• Quickly change various Google Voice account settings (call forwarding, do-not-disturb, message notifications, …) directly from within the application.
• Automatic checking for new messages while the application is active.
• Direct access to your device’s contacts without needing to synchronize them with Google
• All communication is done with the Google Voice website directly, no need to hand over your account information to a third-party.
• Full support for fast app switching in iOS4 and high-resolution graphics for retina displays.

GV Connect is available in the App Store now for $2.99.

Does this indicate that the revised App Store approval guidelines have paved the way for Google Voice apps — or even an official one directly from Google — to make their way to the App Store? And, does this mean that Sean Kovacs’ GV Mobile will have a chance to make its way back from getting the axe? We’ll just have to see, but it looks very promising.

Offcial Twitter App Goes Universal Finally!

Great news, Twitter fans! The official Twitter application, which we’ve known and loved on our iPhone handsets for some time now, has just gone universal. A recent update (version 3.1, which was released today) means iPad owners can now use the app on their 9.7″ iDevices.

And, as you can see from the screenshots below, the familiar app looks markedly different on the iPad. First up, it takes advantage of the iPad’s screen brilliantly. Twitter on the iPad displays your timeline in the center of the screen, adding helpful lists at the side when in landscape mode. By tapping on any tweet, related content will open in the foreground. By sliding panels, you can swiftly navigate through this content.

In addition to this, users can pinch on a tweet to reveal information and further actions. A two finger drag opens up a list of reply options. These new features are simple but very helpful, and we’re sure you’ll really appreciate them.

So, the ultimate question: was Twitter’s universality something worth waiting for? In my opinion, yes, it was. And, let’s not forget this is a free application, so you have no excuse not to download it!

Twitter (for iPhone and iPad) is available now in the App Store for free! Let us know your thoughts on the app in the comments box at the bottom of this article.