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Display Recorder – Record iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Screen in HD with Audio

Display Recorder, developed by Ryan Petrich and available for $4.99 from the Cydia Store, allows you to record your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad’s display. This app is terrific if you want to record your device’s display for a YouTube video, send a video of your recorded display to a friend, or record a video and download it to your computer so that you can edit it, such as what we use it for.

Display Recorder records directly to H.264 or MJPG/AVI for amazing HD quality, optionally records microphone audio, features on-device YouTube uploading, adjustable framerate and quality settings, hardware accelerated video encoding (meaning new devices will encode recordings faster than older devices), and includes a web site to manage your recordings. Simply enter the web server address (in the format of http://IPaddress:port) that’s displayed at the bottom of the app into your web browser.

Steps (once your iPhone is jailbroken):
1. Open Cydia
2. Search for “Display Recorder”
3. Download the app.
4. Congratulations! Display Recorder should now be installed on your device.

What will you do with your screen recordings? If you upload them to YouTube, send us the link!

Apple Holding “Rock and Roll” Themed Event


Apple has sent out invitations to their “Rock and Roll” event scheduled for September 9. The image above was included int he invitation. Most people would probably recognize the lyrics written on the invite to be a song by the Rolling Stones.

In the past, when Apple hosts this music themed event, they normally announce a new iPod version whether it be a new Shuffle, Nano, or iTouch. Recently, there have been news of resellers having a drop in stock volume for their iPods as well as news that Apple with discontinue all iPod SKUs (stock-keeping unit). Could this mean a fresh new face for the ever so popular iPods? Additionally, there has been reports (as well as pictures) of a new iPod Touch 3G having a camera as well as a microphone. No one knows for sure if this is fact or fiction but the reported pictures did seem believable. With this news, Apple might be releasing yet another iPod Touch (nearly one per year).