Emerald Observatory Giveaway and Review


The great people at Emerald Sequoia were nice enough to send over three promo codes to giveaway their App Emerald Observatory for you guys. To enter it is just like most of my giveaways, just follow me on Twitter @connerowen or Twitter.com/connerowen and you are automatically entered. At any time I will decide to end the giveaway and go to random.org and put all of my followers in the engine and the top three people will get the codes. It’s that easy!


This app is all out stunning.

When you first launch it you get your local time in the middle, Then off to the left you have the current position of the moon, the suns altitude, and the suns azimuth clock as well. Then off to the right you have a darkness map, the equation of time clock, and a year clock. In the middle you have UTC time, solar time, and solar time as well. You also have a horoscope part (which I don’t know how to use) (according to them in an email I got recently after the post was up: the horoscopes have nothing to do with astrology; those are just pretty markers for the hours; they’re only very approximately related to the relative positions of the Earth and Sun.  You can also go back into the past by entering Set mode and tapping the units on the left.  The other inner sundial shows sidereal time, which is useful to astronomers (and entirely different from solar time) and clock that tells you how the planets are positioned. There is also a built in alarm clock and you are also able to go into the future to see everything I told you about but further in time.

This app is available in iTunes for $0.99

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