Pulse for iPad Giveaway!

If you’ve been following the site since I’ve came aboard my main job was to be in charge of app giveaways (that is not all my job consists of but that is what I love the most :) ) So if you have been following the site, the giveaways that we have are normally not that well know or popular because our website isn’t all well known. But the other day I was looking at pulse because I wanted to buy it (let me give you a quick tip, the apps I want but I don’t want to buy, those are the developers I email first! :) ) and I thought what the (excuse me) he** I’ll email them and see if I will get a response, and to my surprise within an hour I did! Thanks to Cristina Cordova – VP of Business Development at Pulse gave me three codes (one for me to review for the site) and two for you guys! The codes are for iPad only. Once they get more codes for the iPhone version they will email me and I will give those away as well.

So to enter all you have to do is follow me on Twitter @connerowen or Twitter.com/connerowen and I will tweet when the contest is up and I will update this post when the contest it up. Then I will enter all of my followers into random.org and the top two people will get a code for the iPad version of Pulse.

Now don’t complain because there is no end date to the contest. Promo codes only last for four weeks but there’s know telling if I will end the contest tomorrow or in two weeks, so enter A.S.A.P.

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