Pluse Reader Review

I’m going to flat out say it…I Love…David!!! (Just kidding David is our system admin) but really I..Love…Pulse!! It is all around wonderful and amazing. Most people (and myself thought of Pulse as just another rss reader but it’s not) Pulse lets you add websites so there articles are right at your finger tips. It’s easier than rss readers because you don’t have to go searching for the websites individual rss link. I tried to count, I think you can have three pages of websites with 12 websites on each page. It app is very visual as well, each website has its own section and the stories are displayed under each section and you can do you normal iOS moments to scroll let and right through the articles from each website.

All in all this app is very visual and well designed.

There are no other apps that come close to Pulse, it is wonderful!

If you want a copy for your self we are giving away two iPad codes for this app and three iPhone codes for this app as well. See TechGeec.com for more info and how to enter.

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