Apple’s November 16 Announcement

Today, November 15, 2010, Apple updated their homepage with the text,

Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes.

Beneath the text, they display four clocks with the time of their announcement. The first clock displays 7:00 AM (California), then 10:00 AM (New York), 3:00 PM (London), and lastly Midnight (Tokyo).

This announcement could be regarding a couple of things. The first (and most plausible), is the release of iOS 4.2. This is a big announcement because with this new firmware, iPad owners can now have all of the iOS 4 features, on the Apple tablet.

The other possibility is the announcement of the Mac App Store. This is most likely not going to be the announcement because just this past week Apple put out an advertisement asking for people to review applications for the soon to be Mac App Store. There is no possible way that they can get all of the reviews in on time if this is going to be the announcement. Thus, iOS 4.2 will most likely be released.

Stay tuned to TechGeec.com to know what the announcement is.

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