DSstyle’s Superior Soft Pouch

pouch bannerI have, yet again, another review from Distinctive Styles. The Superior Soft Pouch is a simple pouch meant to be used with the iPhone 3G/3GS, however, it will work with all Apple iPod models. The pouch is an incredibly simple product but provides a big punch for what it is mean to do – protect your device.

The pouch is made from a durable material called flannelet, a material similar to that of felt. The fabric is incredibly soft and will do no harm to the device, nonetheless, it will attract dust and pet hair. Other than that, the rest of the product is spot on. It will protect your device 360°, from the face of the device to the back of the device. On the front of the pouch is Distinctive Styles‘ logo (a simple and elegant addition that I personally find rather appealing). The Superior Soft Pouch also includes a lanyard so that you can go right ahead and hang it from your neck if you choose to do so. For an incredibly low price tag of $8.26, I recommend going ahead and picking one up for yourself. They also come in your choice of six different colors: black, blue, gray, yellow, and green (all colors of which have a pastel-like tone).

**If you are interested in entering this giveaway to win the blue Superior Soft Pouch, simply watch the video below and follow the instructions on how to enter.

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