Interview With Epic Games

Guys I recently emailed the developers of the demo app Epic Citadel that is currently in the iPhone and iPad App Store that demos Epic Games Unreal Engine on the iPhone or iPad. This is the app was also demoed on the September 1st Keynote at Apple HQ.

But anyways I emailed them to ask them when they think when the app would go live in the App Store.

Here is the entire conversation:

—–Original Message—–
Hey guys! This is the Senior Editor for Conner and I just had a quick question for you. Can you give us any date to when “Project Sword” will be submitted to the App Store?

Conner Owen
Senior Editor |

—–Responded Message—–
Hi Conner,

We haven’t announced a date yet, when we do it will be posted on and our social media outlets.

Thank you,

Stacey Conley
Community Coordinator
Epic Games, Inc.

Well there you have it! I assume this means that it is still in early development and it wont be released until at least mid 2011.

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