ngmoco:) Adds a New “We” Game!

I want to say first off I love ngmoco:) with We Rule, We Farm, GodFinger and so on. I love those types of games. Well today they released a new one called We City. This kinda reminds me of City Story.

I also do not have time to download this but I will soon. The post below comes from so I give them all credit! Enjoy! And if you want to add me as a friend in any ngmoco:) game I’m connerowen

If you find yourself addicted to games like We Rule, We Farm, and SimCity, then we’ve got another one to plant your fingers on. Ngmoco has released We City, which is basically a modern-themed version of We Rule.

The concepts and gameplay in We City are nearly identical to the previous “We” titles from ngmoco. You begin with a couple of houses and apartments, along with a single factory. Tapping on buildings that offer services will provide you with activities to begin, like making potato chips or action figures. Create and place buildings, aesthetic items for beautification, and more by tapping the build button in the bottom right.

As with the prior titles, earn experience to level up and unlock buildings, expansions, and more. Sell and ship items to earn coins. So what’s different? Instead of castles and citadels, cottages, stables, barns, windmills, and the like, your city has town halls and capitols, houses, apartments, factories, convenience stores, gas stations, hospitals, movie theaters, and more. What was called Mojo in We Rule is called Zap in We City.

Just like before, you can bring your friends along to start their own dazzling metropolitan creations and purchase services and goods from each other in your quests to develop a city of magnificent lights, sounds and opportunities.

We City and We City for iPad are available in the App Store now for free.

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