Rebel Scholar iPhone 3G/3GS Case Review


Rebel Scholar is one of many companies that makes cases for the iPhone 3G and the new iPhone 3GS. Although they do have some tough competition out there, their cases are one of a kind. Their cases range from $19.99 USD to $100.00 USD. I’m sure you are all saying, “how could someone pay a hundred dollars for a case?!” Granted it is extremely pricy for an iPhone case, but the designs made by Jasper Wong  featured on these cases are magnificent.

The cases that I was able to review were the Stare along with the Velvet Black. The stare case ($34.99) has a very nice carbon fiber look that wraps all the way around the back of the case along with a nice “lay on the table” design which stops the iPhone’s screen from touching any surfaces. On the inside of the case, it has a shiny black finish along with two strips of rubber tracks to make sure your device is secure.

The Velvet Black case ($19.99) is one of a kind. The texture is like nothing I have even felt on a case before. In fact, Rebel Scholar calls it their “secret texture” due to the fact that it feels like velvet even though it’s made of plastic. Because of it’s secret texture, it has absolutely no shine to it, however, it definately does not look dull but it does not have a matte-like finish either. Based on other products that I have, I have a feeling that the secret texture is most likely due to some sort of powder based paint that coats the plastic, but it can of course be from something else.

Both of these cases are identical in terms of size and style. What differentiates them is the desings. Obviously the higher up in price you go the nicer the cases are. Following that trend, the $19.99 cases are all solid colors, the $34.99 cases have some very nice designs but of course nothing compared to the designs on the $100 cases. All of their cases will definately protect your iphone and the designs on them are all stunning. I highly reccomend picking up one of Rebel Scholar’s cases as they are sure to add style as well as protection your iPhone.

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