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Exclusive Look: Powermat Products at CES 2011

Powermat has really stepped their game up this year at the 2011 CES. They have unveiled many new products, all of which make life for the consumermuch easier and convenient.

Powermat has made their charging case for the iPhone  extremely thin and unbelievably light. When holding the iPhone, it’s almost like the case is not even there. In addition to the new iPhone charging cases, they have also released new, thinner charging stations which take up less space.

Powermat has also been in much calibration with major international companies such as GM and Arconas. Powermat and GM have partnered to bring built-in charging stations to the new electric car, the Chevy Volt, as well as Arconas, a major retailer of airport seating. With Arconas, Powermat has placed built-in charging stations into the surfaces between the airport seats.

They are also in collaboration with some major computer computer manufacturers to implement Powermat technology into the batteries. They are also aiming to make universal charging so that consumers only need one piece of technology to charge all of their different devices.

Everything Powermat has unveiled is thinner, lighter, and much better integrated with personal electronics than any of their previous models.