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Rivet Vertical Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15″

Rivet‘s Vertical Sleeve for the MacBook Pro 15″ is unbelievably unique. It’s a sleeve made from canvas as well as vintage leather. The sleeve is meant to act as a “sock” to prevent any scratches or dust. The sleeve conforms fantastically to the shape of the computer and so there is very little bulk. Because of this, you’re free to store the Mac in a briefcase, backpack, or anything else that you would normally store the computer in except now you won’t have to risk getting any scratches.

The majority of the sleeve is made from a tan-colored canvas material. The canvas adds a very unique feel to the sleeve and what’s nice is that it’s not too soft but yet not too rough. Working with the canvas is vintage leather which can be found on the bottom two corners as well as the large strip going down the center of the sleeve displaying Rivet’s logo. The leather has a dark brown color which accents the tan-colored canvas exquisitely. Going around all of the leather is red thread which adds the final touches to the sleeve and makes everything “pop.”

Velcro holds the sleeve closed. This is where I found a very minor flaw. The piece of leather which folds over the sleeve to keep it closed doesn’t align perfectly with the leather strip and so if you look closely you can see the imperfection (this is, however, a very minor flaw which can’t be noticed unless one would be paying attention to it).

Rivet’s Vertical Sleeve is available HERE for a very reasonable price tag of $39.90. Below is a video reviewing the sleeve and please feel free to leave a comment saying what you think of the Vertical Sleeve.

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