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iSkin touch Duo Premium Silicone Protector Case


iSkin’s touch Duo case for the iPod Touch 2G packs a big punch considering that it provides style, functionality, as well as protection. The case retails for a price of $34.99 (a bit pricey for a silicone case) and is available in Diablo (red/black), Sonic (blue/black), Ozone (frosted clear/black), as well as NightHawk (expresso/black). The touch Duo comes with a few free extras including a glare-free and fingerprint resistant screen protector, a ViSOR, as well as an alcohol based cleaning “towel” (the type you get at restaurants) so you can clean the screen before applying the screen protector.
touchduo_features_16The case provides a thick, textured silicone around the edges and corners to provide greater protection along with the ability to hold on the case easier and it feels great. The touch Duo also contributes an integrated docking port protector to protect your 30-pin dock connector from everyday hazards. The screen protector is a nice add on considering it literally covers the screen. Many other screen protectors cover the entire front face of the device while this does not. It’s a good idea that it doesn’t because many times the average screen protectors can interfere with other cases or accessories.

The added ViSOR guard is a good idea, but truthfully, it can get annoying sometimes. It’s meant to be used while the device is not in use (i.e. in your pocket, sitting on a table, etc.) so that the screen will not get damaged. However, you cannot use the device while it is on so you must have to constantly remove it which can be a bit of a pain.
One last fantastic feature that iSkin has pioneered is that the touch Duo has Microban® built-in antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria. Overall, I would say that if your looking for a silicone case providing style, functionality, as well as protection, you should definitely go for this case (if you’re not bothered by the price).