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Marware SportShell Convertible Review

Marware, the Florida based electronic accessories company, has sent TechGeec.com the SportShell Convertible case for the iPad to review. The case is extremely innovative with new features that most other hard-shell iPad cases don’t have. The SportShell Convertible has a retail price of $59.99 – a pretty steep price for a case, but definitely worth it once you find out about all of the features it has to offer.

The one feature that stands out the most is the replaceable back. The case comes with two backings – one clear, and one gray (matching the rest of the case). The gray back can be installed if one wishes to not have the back of the iPad visible. If one would like to have the Apple logo, ‘iPad’ branding, as well as the allotted memory visible, then the clear back may be installed to still provide the same amount of protection, but also allow the iPad’s back to be visible. Also, one can place a picture between the iPad and the clear back so as to display the photo.

Another key feature of the SportShell Convertible, is the four “legs”. Two long legs allow for the iPad to be propped up at the perfect angle for browsing the web, watching movies, or searching through the YouTube app, while two much shorter, stubbier legs allow the iPad to be lifted ever so slightly to (try to) make it easier to type on. Personally, I am indifferent when it comes to these shorter legs because it does not prop the iPad up at a great enough angle to make it any easier to type (however, others may find it to be very useful; it depends on personal preference).

The case also comes with a hand strap that may or may not come in handy (no pun intended). I don’t find it all that useful and so if one chooses to remove it, the stubs that hold it in place may be removed very easily.

The major downside to the SportShell Convertible is that the case wraps around very closely to the volume rockers/orientation lock and the power button. There’s a slip lip to allow for easy acces to them from behind, however, if trying to access them straight on (how I do) it can be a bit difficult.

One last feature that many may enjoy (while others may not) is that the case does not cover the aluminum bezel on the front of the iPad (in other words, some of the aluminum on the front of the iPad is exposed). Some may like the fact that the sleek aluminum is peeking through, while others would rather have all of the aluminum protected (I enjoy it).

Overall, this case is highly recommend, although the price may be hefty. It’s feature packed, elegant, and most importantly, it will protect your iPad. You can find more information about the SportShell Convertible at Marware.com.

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