Android Lock Screen for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

The lock screen for the Android OS (the one where you drag your finger across six dots to create a pattern) is widely known. It’s time has finally come and is now available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This tweak is available in Cydia (jailbroken 3rd party application installer) for $1.49 and is called AndroidLock XT. AndroidLock XT has the option to completely replace the original “Slide to Unlock” lock screen or to use it in conjunction with “Slide to Unlock.” In other words, instead of having a generic passcode, you’ll have the ability to slide to unlock and then be prompted to enter your pattern. After the break, be sure to watch the video review. Mind you, this is an older video demonstrating the original AndroidLock from early 2010.  It will, however, give you an idea of how the tweak works and almost all bugs have been removed since the initial release.


  • Customizable appearance and themes
  • Enable/Disable switch
  • Tap/Slide to unlock (AndroidLock is minimized)
  • Compatible with LockCalendar, LockInfo, and Cydets
  • Maximum attempts limit
  • Emergency call
  • Can be set to require pattern only after some time
  • iCaughtU support
To create your own themes, SSH into your device and see the “Theme Creation Guide” located in /var/mobile/Library/AndroidLock/Doc.

As previously mentioned, your device will need to be jailbroken in order to install AndroidLock XT. To find out if and how you can jailbreak your device, be sure to visit TechGeec’s iOS Info page at

58 thoughts on “Android Lock Screen for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

  1. yeah, looks great, but the author didn’t bother to warn anyone that you cannot use the lock screen with lockcalendar or cydgets.

    Once you have put in the code, it is HIDDEN behind the overlay for the lock calendar, and you cannot access it.

    This of course results in a permanantly locked phone.

    Thanks for that, worthless app

    1. NOT TRUE! If you have cydgets and did not read this or forgot your password you can call yourself iphone only of course and press home buttton then uninstall.

  2. after much stress, I found a way to get in and reset the passcode.

    You have to plug in your iphone like you are going to sync with itunes.

    This will bring the passcode screen to the front, and allow you to enter the passcode.

    If you use lockcalendar (and I don’t know why anyone with a JB phone who used google calendars wouldn’t – it gives a face up view on the lock screen of your pending schedule), you will need to ensure that FIRST dot in your android passcode starts on the lockbar line if you use lockcalendar. I can’t vouch for any other, and I had to turn my cydgets off.

    As long as you start there, it will allow you to drag the rest of the code.

  3. i have installed this and my mate has reseted the passcode and i have tried restoring it and installing it again but it still ask me for the passcode my mate put in and he cant remember what he put it in. i have contacted someone who told me how to reset this but i have to go from ssh to /var/mobile/preference and install com.zmaster…..plist and get the number from there but i dnt knw how to get to the var/mobile thing can someone please help me??

  4. zmaster updated the app, and now it is worse than before.

    I found the work around to access the full lock screen, but zmaster in his infinite wisdom decided that those of us using LockCalendar cannot use AndroidLock.


    1. ssh to /var/mobile/Library/preferences download the plist that looks like com.zmaster.AndroidLock.plist
      and look at your combo…..the numbers represent the buttons starting with one in the upper left, and going horizontal to 3, then goes to the second row and starts with 4 and goes to 6 . Then starts with 7 and ends with 9 on the last row.

    2. Plug it into itunes and if you had a normal passcode before then that will come up so type in your passcode but you have to quick or it will disapear. This will unlock it, then go into cydia and just remove it. If you want it again then download it again and you get to select a new pattern

    1. Well if you don't already have SSH installed then if you have an iPhone you can call it and then do the exploit to get it unlocked (not sure what it is because I only have an iPod Touch). If you have an iPod Touch, however, all that I can think of is to restore it. If you find a way to unlock it, though, here's the "dumbed down" version of the instructions:

      You need to SSH to the directory that I just mentioned. Then download the file that should be named something like "com.zmaster…….. .plist". Aafter that just follow the rest of the previously mentioned instructions.

  5. If you forgot your passwd, call your iphone answer it, type home when in call

    use cydia to remove app or remove the android lock plist out of /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

    good luck!

  6. my friend changed my code, but im not sure if she confirmed it. so i hit the sleep buton and i couldnt get in with the old code. i turned my ipod off and on (not respring) and it went back to the old code

  7. this is my version to unlock the ipod touch if you not remember(i don't know if you have make what i make but)first you need to run sbsetting in lock screen then you resping and voila your ipod touch is unlocked(i'm not sure for all but mine work) :) have nice days

    ~death x crusher


    1. Your IP Address. Username is “root” and password is “alpine” and you have to be jail broken. Not sure if anyone responded to this and if not sorry for the long delay.

      1. thank u but after i put all tht in it still says connection refused.. so i tried it with the default gateway and it said timed out.. i really really need help with this idk what to do it rlly suckksss

  9. Your IP Address. Username is "root" and password is "alpine" and you have to be jail broken. Not sure if anyone responded to this and if not sorry for the long delay.

    thank u but after i put all tht in it still says connection refused.. so i tried it with the default gateway and it said timed out.. i really really need help with this idk what to do it rlly suckksss


      1. im tryin to find a better way i got mad shit downloaded on there.. i dont wana re download everything.. i know i can back up my music but still.. its easier jst sshing..

  10. Something I did was go into settings>activator> then choose volume display or something like that. And choose unlock screen, that way if you forget your password, you have an alternative way to get into your ipod, and most ppl won't think of that to unlock it.

  11. I forgot my passcode on my iphone 4 and i havent been able to get on for a whole day i need to know what my passcode is but i forgot!!! Please help me?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  12. my ipod touch has a android lock and theres a calendar blocking half of the top and only 3 of the dots on the bottom are showing how can i delet the calendar
    please help
    thank you

  13. i download one from a source called xsezzile maybe different well when i restarted springboard the keyboard is still there. i went to type in the password and the keyboard showed i was typing but the letters did not show up on the writing area what should i do

  14. If u wnt to get rid of android lock use ssh. If ur planning on installing it first of all download open ssh and sbsettings from cydia to prevent any password probs..or u can restore

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