App Store Turns 1

App Store Turns 1Tomorrow, July 11, 2009 marks the first birthday of Apple’s App Store. They have over 55,000 applications to choose from with an unimaginable amount of downloads… 1 billion. The App Store has by far set the highest benchmark for the numerous mobile application stores.

Light a candle and cue the music. OK, forgive us for sounding like doting parents, but we’re just so proud–having watched the App Store go from promising newcomer to full-fledged revolutionary. To celebrate its first birthday, we’ve gathered some of our favorite games and apps. Part fun. Part function. Entirely amazing.

Even though Apple might have much to brag about, they have had many altercations with numerous developers. Apple has rejected many applications for obscure reasons and also for no reason at all. Many developers also say that they have been mistreated by Apple, mainly due to the fact that Apple keeps approximately 30% of the developers profit (which I think should only be about 15% seeing as how all Apple does is host the apps, not make them).

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