[OVER] Defend Your Universe App Giveaway

UPDATE: We now have more promo codes to giveaway! We still have the three promo codes for the iPhone/iPod touch version and we now have an additional 23 promo codes for the iPad version!

TheiPhoneFix, developer of the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad game, Defend Your Universe, was kind enough to provide TechGeec with three (3) promo codes to get his application, Defend Your Universe, for free. This giveaway will only be open for one week. After that, the developer will release a new update for the application which will provide better graphics. We will have more promo codes to give away once the update is released as these three promo codes that we currently have can only be used to redeem the current version of the app.

Defend Your Universe Description: Earth’s in trouble, what will you do? do you have the skills to keep it from falling into the hands of aliens????? In Defend Your Universe your job is to destroy enemy ships that are headed towards Earth, or at least for as long as you can. But, you also have defenses, as time goes by you will build up shields to protect you against aliens

All you have to do in this game is tap the ship to destroy it, or as time goes by, you may find swiping works just as well, what ever your method see how long you can last while trying to defend your planet in Defend Your Universe.

How to Enter the Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Your comment must begin with “#DYU” and then you may write your comment.

Ex.: “#DYU I want to win!”

2. Your comment MUST contain either your YouTube account name or your Twitter username. This is so that if you win, we have a way to contact you. If you’re leaving your YouTube account name, becign it with “YT: “, if it’s your Twitter username, begin it with “@”.

Ex.: “#DYU I want to win! @TechGeec”
“#DYU I want to win! YT: iPT2gGeec”

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to enter the giveaway – just leave a comment. In one week, on August 5, 2010, we’ll announce the winner here on TechGeec in a new post. The three winners will be listed there and we will contact the winners and give them a promo code for Defend Your Universe.

25 thoughts on “[OVER] Defend Your Universe App Giveaway

  1. #DYU Following you on Youtube and on your page for the longest time and so far i haven't been able to win anything :( PLEASE let me win at least once lol :) YT: Buky9292

  2. #DYU your videos on youtube are so helpful and ive been subscribed for a while now(: I really hope i win because itd be so neat to be able to make use of some of your ipod/ipad videos *hint hint* ;) YT: xxSARAHSRULExx

  3. #DYU I want to win! I have been subbed for a while since you made that How to restore your ipod 2g back in 09 and i really love your guides! Thanks so much for even the chance to win! I Love you anyway (no homo) YT:Run3dr4g3l

  4. #DYU I want to win soo bad! I don’t have any electronics other than a ps2!
    YT: JackyRBKwan

    1. This is an app for an iPod/iPhone/iPad if you have a PS2 you can't use the promo code you have to have an iPod/iPhone/iPad

    1. Then you’ll have to film it and put it on YouTube then you might win. And if you don’t win their is another giveaway in the near future of promo codes :)

  5. #DYU HAITHERE, I'd love to win because then, I can use my new device and customize it to the same ones in your videos. YT: SoReaICru

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