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Google I/O Very Unprofessional

As I was watching the first day of the Google I/O Keynote I noticed some issues Google had but nothing they could of prevented, for example losing WiFi and so on. But the second day from what I heard was a mess. (I haven’t watched the keynote yet becasue it isn’t on their YouTube channel). They were losing WiFi, their remotes wern’t connectig to the projectors, and their Bluetooth keyboards wern’t connecting, and the list goes on. It even got so bad they had to ask te audience to turn off their WIFI on their computers and phone to free it up for Google sake. (But can you really picture 5,000 people getting WIFI off of one router)? You would of thought Google would of had this down by now but hey didn’t. Could this be a regular thing with Google? To be honest I love Google (epically¬†everything they do is very casual) but this is kinda ruining their¬†reputation.