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Get FireFox 3.7a3 Now!

FireFox has become more and more popular over the years and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will one day overtake Internet Explorer to become the most popular web browser. Although there is such a great number of people who use Mozilla’s prized browser, not many of them know that Mozilla has released alpha (pre-beta) versions of FireFox 3.7.

Before I moved from FireFox 3.6 to FireFox 3.7 alpha3, 3.6 was constantly using roughly 80%-95% of my MacBook Pro’s CPU. Even at idle it would use more memory than it should have. Because of this it slowed everything down and I was never able to find out why this had occurred. So I started searching for a later beta version of FireFox just to see if anything had been released yet. Well, FireFox 3.7alpha3 was released. So I downloaded the alpha version and started to run some tests. This new version, even in it’s alpha stages, is faster than 3.6, takes up less CPU space (about 30%-65% when loading, about 3% on idle).

As with all pre-GA (general ability) software, there is bound to some bugs, I guarantee it. Also, so far no add-ons are available for it, however, as it moves up in development stages, compatible add-ons will be released (most likely once it’s in beta stages). If you’d like to get Mozilla FireFox 3.7a3 to try out on your own, click HERE. To download the web browser is a little tricky because you have to sort your way through Mozilla’s FTP server. Please watch the video below for help.