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motorola ces 2011

New Motorola Products (ATRIX, CLIQ 2, XOOM)

Motorola has unveiled three new amazing products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, two of which are a phone, the other a tablet.

The new Motorola ATRIX features a dual-core processor each at 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, 960×540 resolution, 24-bit color, 16GB internal, 32GB microSD expansion, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, 11m thickness, and a front-facing camera. What makes the ATRIX truly unique, however, is it’s ability to be docked in the new Motorola HD dock which is almost identical to a laptop but without any components (CPU, RAM, motherboard, etc.). The phone powers the entire dock and it gives the user the ability to control the phone using a laptop-like accessory. This dock is also capable of running the full version of FireFox as well as a virtual Windows 7 environment.

The Motorola CLIQ 2 retains a similar design to the original CLIQ, including the physical keyboard and the MOTOBLUR UI. Also featuring Android 2.2, a 3.7″ display and a 5MP camera with dual LED flash.

Lastly, Motorola’s new tablet, the XOOM, features a healthy-sized 10.1-inch capacitive screen with a very high resolution of 1280×800, a 5MP HD front-facing camera, and the mandatory dual-core ARM-based Tegra 2 chipset, which will allow for full 1080p HD video playback. What is attracting all the buzz about the XOOM, however, is that it is the first tablet to run Google’s tablet-optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. This will bring a lot more functionality to the device, as all the core apps will be redesigned so as to allow the user to take full advantage of the much greater screen size, compared to what you get on a smartphone running, for example, Android 2.2. In addition, the tablet will feature all the known goodies that we love like an accelerometer, gyroscope and of course, Adobe Flash 10.1 Player support.

dock case

Why Apple Only Lets You Dock Your iDevice With No Case

If you’re like me you want your iDevice protected so you put it in a case, but you love to use Apple’s accessories rather if it is the iPad Keyboard Dock, Universal Dock, or even down to non Apple products like iHome. Well from doing some research it is because Apple provides accessories for stock iDevices. For example your iPad doesn’t come with a case, you have to buy one on your own. Well how does Apple know your going to buy a case? So they only accommodate their docks to fit without a case. Even if they did accommodate to a case say you have a Barely There case that is 0.9 mm thin or an Outter Box Defender case that is 5 cm thick that means basically for every iPad or iPhone or iPod case out there Apple would have to specialize a new dock for them. This is the answer to every time we complain about Apple not having their docks fit our cases.

Xtand by Just Mobile

The Xtand by Just Mobile is a fantastic iPhone/iPod Touch stand. The Xtand has the look and feel of the iMac’s stand and so it compliments all aluminum-bodied Macs terrifically. The one stand-alone factor that makes the Xtand so great, is the fact that it’s constructed for actual aluminum. It is capable of holding the iPhone 3G/3GS as well as the iPod Touch 1G/2G, provides cable management, and allows you to swivel the device a full 360 degrees.

A great design aspect that went into the stand, is that the device will never touch the aluminum part of the stand, only the four rubber grips that hold on to it. Also, there are two rubber feet on the bottom so that it doesn’t move with a gentle nudge. Here are the five main features of the Xtand:

  • All solid aluminium construction
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Cable management
  • Non-slip feet

What I like most about the Xtand is the fact that it goes so well with my MacBook Pro and so it provides for a very elegant setup. The cable management comes into play when you choose to charge or sync your device. You simple fish your charging cable through the hole on the back of the stand and move the extra cable out of sight. I use the Xtand on a daily basis now and it really does not bother me to have to remove my iPod Touch from it’s case so that I can go ahead and place it in the Xtand.

The Xtand retails for a fairly steep price of $39.90 USD, however, as of the date this article was written (December 23, 2009), Amazon is having a 27% off sale on the Xtand. To find out where else you can purchase this and other Just Mobile products, please click HERE.

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