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Why Apple Only Lets You Dock Your iDevice With No Case

If you’re like me you want your iDevice protected so you put it in a case, but you love to use Apple’s accessories rather if it is the iPad Keyboard Dock, Universal Dock, or even down to non Apple products like iHome. Well from doing some research it is because Apple provides accessories for stock iDevices. For example your iPad doesn’t come with a case, you have to buy one on your own. Well how does Apple know your going to buy a case? So they only accommodate their docks to fit without a case. Even if they did accommodate to a case say you have a Barely There case that is 0.9 mm thin or an Outter Box Defender case that is 5 cm thick that means basically for every iPad or iPhone or iPod case out there Apple would have to specialize a new dock for them. This is the answer to every time we complain about Apple not having their docks fit our cases.

iPad Accessories Already Being Made

It seems that a few companies have wasted no time to release their brand new iPad accessories. With 57 days left until the iPad is available for purchase, these few companies are already ahead of the game. Wrappers, Scosche, Griffen Technology, and iLuv are some companies that already have products lined up for the iPad.

Wrappers has announced no logo protective sleeves for Apple’s tablet including five new textiles for the iPad:

  • canvas backed corduroy that feels like faux suede in Midnight, Biscuit and Shrimp Pink £22.00/$36.00
  • durable black and white rafia tested to 33,000 rubs £28.00/$45.00
  • aqua colourway from LVMH Kenzo £25.00/$40.00
  • wool & black velvet mix from Calvin Klein £40.00/£$65.00
  • smart checked textile from Ralph Lauren £38.00/$61.00

Wrappers’ exclusive Alcantara (£31.00/$50.00), ballistic black nylon Cordura (£16.00/$26.00) and metallic finish polyurethane (£31.00/$50.00) sleeves will also be available for the iPad.


“We pride ourselves at consistently being one of the first accessories manufacturers to market with leading edge products following an iPhone, iPod, or now iPad announcement,” said Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries. “It’s that ability to react quickly without sacrificing quality that has helped us develop necessary accessories like the new kickBACK.”

Griffen Technology has released four new cases for the iPad along with a full-sized screen protector.

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Lastly, iLuv has ten brand new accessories for Apple’s iPad.