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Windows 7 Background

How to Install Windows onto a New Hard Drive / Solid State Drive

The Windows revision shown in this video is Windows 7 Home Premium x64.


1. Turn on the computer and insert the installation DVD into the optical drive.
2. If DVD is not automatically loaded, reboot computer.
3. If asked, select the “Windows Setup” option by pressing ENTER.
4. Select your preferences.
5. Click “Install”.
6. Select the OS that you purchased to install.
7. Accept the license terms.
8. Choose “Custom Installation”.
9. Choose which storage device you want Windows to be installed on.

How to install other components:

Motherboard: http://youtu.be/pxhYU7QHlME
Processor (CPU): http://youtu.be/PkhlIYpFYG0
Memory (RAM): http://youtu.be/TKy8Kh7aq6U
Graphics Card: http://youtu.be/YGmefninQJg
Liquid Cooling: http://youtu.be/Xg4eFtCqaQs
Optical Drive (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive): http://youtu.be/PcCPLsTWrtI
Power Supply (PSU): http://youtu.be/s-dRCjLLHuc
Storage (HDD/SSD): http://youtu.be/ekGu4mVH1aM
How to Build a Full Computer: http://youtu.be/IA7c9Wm-UYs