We Farm Safari Review

If your an avid We Farm user you would know that ngmoco:) has been waiting for Apple approval to approve another new app to the “We” family. This time it moves your We Farm over to a new app called We Farm Safari. Now don’t worry. Your entire farm gets transferred, all you have to do is enter your Plus+ username and password.

Now the new app has all of the same features of your usual We Farm but if you use We Rule you know about realms which allows you to extend your kingdom into other land plots. Now this is where “Safari” comes into We Farm. We farms lets you extend into an Outback, Serengeti, Savannah, and the Outback. Each “Realms” has a new floor that is represented by the terrain in each biome. Your “Main Land” is now called The Homestead” now.

This app ads new building, crops, animals, and more.

This is brand new into the app store and is most importantly free!

If you need a friend to order from be sure to add connerowen (me) I always except all orders.<

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