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Office for Mac 2011 Available Now

Office 2011 for Mac, the latest version in Microsoft’s workhorse suite, is now available at your favorite retailer or Microsoft’s web site. In this version, Visual Basic macros are back, but Entourage is out. Entourage has been replaced with a brand new, all-Cocoa version of Outlook.

One warning, though: If your enterprise still uses Exchange 2003, you can only set up Outlook to access Exchange via IMAP. Also on the list of current gripes is the lack of calendar sync with MobileMe. Microsoft said it rewrote the entire Sync Services component from scratch, and that just didn’t make the launch window.

Even though 2011 incorporates the ribbon interface from the Windows version, Microsoft has tried to tailor the suite for the Mac, says Eric Wilfrid, general manager of Microsoft’s Office for Mac team. “From day one, we focused on making the user experience be both Mac-like and recognizably Office,” Wilfrid says. “Over many, many years, we’ve figured out different ways to make sure that the end product is something that we as Office and Mac users would want to sit down in front of every day and depend on to do our work.”

Word 2011′s Document Gallery:


There are quite a few things I’m looking forward to in Office 2011. PowerPoint has a new dynamic reordering feature making it easy to move items between layers — before the only way to handle this was using the awkward and dated “Send Backward” and “Bring Forward” commands; Visual Basic macros, eliminated in Office 2008, are back; Word now has a built-in equation editor; Finally, early reviews indicate the suite is much snappier, a welcome improvement over the often-lethargic Office 2008. I’m also hoping that the ribbon will work just like it does in Office 2010 for Windows and that the UI and UX both are as good as they are in Office 2010.

PowerPoint’s new “Dynamic Reorder” feature:


Office 2011 is available in the following versions: Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 (does not come with Outlook, $149.99); Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2011 (includes Outlook, 279.99); and Office for Mac Academic 2011 (includes Outlook, $99.99). I’m especially happy about the last version. Getting the educational version of Office usually wasn’t available at launch. As a student, I’d have to wait until after launch to take advantage of the discount, but not any longer.

Photoshop Mobile Gets a New Name and Goes Universal for All Devices

I just want to say first off I didn’t even know they were going to release this today. I was on my iPad and went to download the iPhone version of the app and BAM! There was a universal Photoshop app. So lets get into the review.

via AppAdvice:

Adobe has given their once iPhone-only Photoshop app a bit of an overhaul. Not only has it received a name change, going from Photoshop.com Mobile to the more appealing Adobe Photoshop Express, but it’s now a universal app that sports iPad-specific features.

Adobe Photoshop Express now allows iPad users to edit and upload their photos with ease.  The optimized UI gives you the ability to apply effects, borders and artistic filters with only a few taps, crop, rotate, straighten or flip by simply dragging your finger, and just do so much more with your photos.  Photos can be uploaded to Adobe’s own Photoshop.com to be shared, or you can take the Facebook route.

But this isn’t merely an expanded iPhone app clone, it contains features specific to the iPad as well, including:

• Support for portrait and landscape orientations
• Redesigned Online, Edit, and Upload workflows
• Ability to work on multiple photos in sequence from within a single workflow
• Redesigned Organizer view with simplified album sharing
• Updated icons and visuals that make it easier to navigate and use the Editor
• Ability to upload to Photoshop.com and Facebook simultaneously

It definitely isn’t a full-fledged Photoshop experience with layers and all, but it does the job while on the go.

Apparently the iPad version isn’t perfect, however, as some users are reporting issues when launching the app:

“We have received reports of some users having difficulty launching the application on an iPad in landscape orientation with certain productivity and printing applications installed. We are investigating these reports. In the interim, you can work around the problem by launching the application in a portrait orientation on the iPad. We are continuing to investigate and will post an update to address these issues as soon as possible.”

I have yet to experience the issue myself, but if you are unlucky enough to, just do as Adobe states and launch it in portrait mode for the time being.

Adobe Photoshop Express is available in the App Store for free.