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CaseCrown‘s MOD Shell could quite possibly be the best case for the iPod Touch 2G/3G [at an affordable cost - $19.99 ($12.21 as of December 28, 2009)]. The MOD Shell is available in Red/Black and White/Black. It’s design blows other comparative cases out of the water along with it’s affordable price.

The case is made from a premium grade synthetic leather which appeals to a vast majority of animal lovers. The faux leather not only looks like real leather, but it also smells like real leather which many companies cannot seem to be able to do. On the back of the case is a single, thick fiber woven stripe which seems to give the case a sporty design. The only suggestion I could give to make this case the best it can be, would be to make the thread outlining the stripe red on the red/black version. On the white/black version of the case, the thread outlining the white fiber woven stripe is white which accents the stripe beautifully.

The upper part of the left side of the case is left open to expose the volume rockers, the bottom is open to expose the 30-pin dock connector as well as the headphone jack, and the top is, of course, left open so that you can slide your device in and out. What I really enjoy, though, about the case is that the top does not go too high as to make it difficult to press the sleep/power button, contrary to DSstyle’s Twill Series. Finally, the small logo on the front does not take away from the chic design of the case. Many cases have the company’s name/logo printed too large. CaseCrown’s logo on the MOD Shell is just the right size.

The MOD Shell by CaseCrown is by far one of the best cases around and at an affordable price. You can view the MOD Shell for the iPod Touch HERE or the iPhone version HERE.

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