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Sony 3D Head-Mounted Display [Prototype]

One of the hottest topics at tonight’s Sony press conference on CES 2011 was their prototype 3D head-mounted display. The headgear has two 1280 x 720 OLED displays and integrated simulated 5.1 surround sound. The design of the product is unbelievable, however. It wraps around your eyes and ears and has sleek, cool blue LED accents.

There are already some issues, though, mainly because it’s still a prototype. One of which is that the user currently has to hold the headset up to their face like binoculars because it is incapable of resting on one’s face like regular glasses. Sources claim the 3D is subtle yet very well executed so long as the user holds it at the perfect angle.

In terms of the noise quality, it was difficult to detect the quality due to the noise in Sony’s booth, but it did seem to be good enough. If Sony is able to successfully produce these displays, make them fairly inexpensive ($100-$200), and are able to persuade the public that wearing a head-mounted display gives the best quality and user experience, they will definitely have a winner.

What do you think about this product? The aesthetics are amazing, user experience is just alright, as of now. Again it’s still a prototype so there’s a chance it might not ever me produced.

Gang$tar: West Coast Hustle

Gang$tarThroughout the life of Apple’s App Store, we have seen numerous games trying to clone Grand Theft Auto, but so far, none have come close. Gameloft‘s, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, features an action packed 3D city complete with detailed buildings, stunning landscapes, as well as impressive cars that animate and take crash damage just as they would in Grand Theft Auto. Even the vocabulary that the character’s use is similar.

Gangstar is an almost ideal replica of GTA for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you’re not in the mood to complete the 50 different missions, you can always drive or walk around exploring the city, shoot at and fight your enemies, or steal vehicles.

You can easily drive around a variety of vehicles thanks to the touch screen controls. You can also aim at pedestrians or other gang members by simply tapping your target on the screen. The auto-aiming feature in the game makes this even easier.

When you’re driving a car you can easily change the radio stations by swiping your finger across the radio or if you don’t like the programmed stations, you can go right ahead and listen to your own music stored in your music library.

Of course, this review has only featured a handful of features that Gangstar has to offer. It is rated 12+ as is available in the App Store for $6.99. Click HERE to download it.

Ideal Case Review

banner-home-1I was given the opportunity to review two cases distributed by Ideal Case. The two cases were the Cubic Series silicone case as well as the Bubble Series silicone case. Both cases are relatively similar with a few minor tweaks. They are made out of high quality and durable anti-dust material, it covers the entire device to ensure complete protection, it is easily washable, and it offers a fantastic non-slip, grippy surface.

Both cases are excellent, however, there are a few drawbacks. The best aspects of both cases are that they have an elegant shine effect. The cases are completely smooth on the outside. It is on the inside where the designs are incorporated. On the Cubic Series case, there is a continuous pattern of cube-like shapes. The entire case is clear which allows the chrome backing to be seen while the case is being used. It is the chrome backing that gives the case it’s “shine” effect. When the case is not accompanied by the device, it looks as if there are multiple translucent diamond-like shapes on it. The effect takes place when the case is on the device. The chrome backing allows the the silver color to come through, thus enhancing the shapes and giving the 3D effect. This effect has also been incorporated into the Bubble Series.Cubic Series Silicone Case for Ipod touch II (White)

The Bubble Series case that I was given was blue with translucent circles throughout. Again, the chrome backing on the device shines through the translucent part of the case (the circles) giving it the luxurious shine effect. It was with this case that a had a few, but minor, problems. The edges on this case are much smoother than on the Cubic Series. Because of this, it is a little bit harder to navigate your fingers to the volume rockers and the power button. Another thing that I was a little bit confused about, was why there was a cutout where the WiFi antenna is. The Cubic Series does not have it and it really does not make a difference if there is a cutout or not. This is definitely not a big problem but I feel as though the case would be that much better if there was no cutout.Bubble Series Silcone Case for Ipod touch II (Blue)

The grip on these cases is amazing. In the review video below, I show that the iPod (accompanied) by the case is able to stay on my laptop while it is at a nearly 90°. Because the case is able to form so well to the shape of the iPod, one can hardly feel that it is there. Because this case is so thin, it won’t help protect your device as well as some of the other silicone cases, however, it will prevent from scratches, dents, and any other sort of damage. Overall, these cases are two of the best cases that I have. What I like most is not only the fact that they do not collect any lint, but that they both have the “shine” effect. For only $12.99 I would definitely recommend buying one of these cases from Ideal Case.