iOS 4 Jailbreak: Q&A

There has been so much confusion lately on which devices can be jailbroken, what programs to use, etc. Hopefully the video below will answer your questions. If you still have questions that weren’t answered in the video, leave a comment and your question will be answered ASAP.

8 thoughts on “iOS 4 Jailbreak: Q&A

    1. Because it isn’t out yet. And it’s pretty much the same when the 3G jailbreak it out. iH8sn0w has given me a Beta copy of the 3G jailbreak and it works the same.

  1. WOW if only 5 people have it you must be a pro at this jailbreaking stuff. I have never jailbroken my iPod before but now I am interested in doing so.

    1. It’s very easy to jailbreak but once it’s done you can mess yup your iPod if you aren’t careful. I’m not jail broken because i have no use for it.

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